Datacal 1.0

Datacal is designed for the configuration, Data Management and Calibration
1.0 (See all)

Datacal is an easy to use software designed for the configuration, Data Management, Calibration and Virtual simulation of many AOIP devices including the Calys 75/100/150, the TC 6621/6622 and the TM 6602/6612/6630.
Configurable functions include the following:
- Input channel: quantity measured, type of sensor, scale, scaling value, display parameters, unit, tare, tare value
- Output channel: quantity measured, period, start point, repeat function, ramp and steps function
- Sensors: name, date of last calibration, type, unit, calibrated values
- Measurement bursts: number of measures/burst, sampling period, trigger parameters, number of samples, frequency…
- Calibration procedures: number and values of setpoints, calibration types

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